Krustyland update, so far…

So it’s finally here! Krustyland! After all the spoilers, rumours and anticipation, it seemed to have come without prior warning! Krusty kicks off the tasks for those of us on and above level 20 and after a conversation with Bart and Lisa, you are prompted to build the Krustyland shuttle, costing $50000 it adds to your vanity rating and acts as a portal to get to your separate Krustyland map! More on that later. You have to tap it to go to Krustyland via a different loading screen.



Upon entering your Krustyland there are a few noticeable changes, its a mess for starters and there are elements to suggest “starting fresh” again, let me explain.

1. There’s a new rating system, the Krust-O-meter, much like the one in your original Springfield, consisting of four Key areas;
- Nausea – buy rides that people will line up for
- Grub – buy food stalls to give people energy to get back in line for rides
- Kitsch – buy decorations for people to look at while waiting in line for rides
- Merch – buy stores that sell souvenirs or a day spent waiting in line for rides.
(for an exciting revelation on the Krust-O-Meter, see here)

This seems to add a bonus to your collections on this map through another conformity bonus.


2. You have to make Homer and Lisa clean this map as well – there are also new tasks for everyone in Krustyland that completely separates this one away from your original town. (Something to be discussed in the comments).

3. This is a completely new map, with new tasks, new items, new decorations to unlock, and much more! Below is a list of new items included;

New quest items
- The Ring Toss Stall
- Death Drop
- Krustyland Burger
- Sleeping Itchys Castle
- Sideshow You
- Gift Shop
- Radioactive Man: The Ride
- The Food Needle
- Krustyland Burger
- Gift Shop
- Wet and Smokey Stunt Show
- Scratchy’s Flea Dipper
- Viking Boat Ride
- Krustyland Hotel
- Duff Pavillion
- The Tooth Chipper
- Knock Over the Fuzzy Guy
- Strike 3

Premium items and new buildings
- Eyeballs of death – 100 donuts – earns 90 tickets and 30XP every 12 hrs
- Mt Krustmore – 150 donuts – earns 120 tickets and 40 XP every 24 hrs
- Laffy Meal – 25 donuts – like a premium mystery box to win tickets or krustyland items – a prize in every box!
- Whack-A-Mole – 50 donuts – improves merch rating
- Krusty fountain – 100 donuts – improves your kitsch rating
- Itchy mascot – 60 donuts – a mascot for Krustyland
- Scratchy mascot – 60 donuts – a mascot for Krustyland

Poochie Mascot – 2500 tickets – a mascot for Krustyland

4. You are now tasked with collecting Krustyland tickets! A new currency to buy decorations, buildings and, as above, Poochie!m- Krustyland tickets are generated much in the same way cash is in the original Springfield; through tasks, quests and building generated income, treat it is the Krustyland cash flow :)

So far

We have been tasked with quick completion tasks (presumably to get things going and keep us interested from an early stage)

- Build the Krustyland entrance

- Build paths

- Build ring toss – improves Merch rating – costs 35 tickets

- Make Cletus run the ringtoss stall – 12 hrs – 126 tickets and 100xp
- Make homer play the ring toss x3 – 4 hrs – 52 tickets and 45xp.

And that’s where we are left for now until these tasks run their course.

My question to you, fellow tappers, is how do you feel about the separate map and the sheer size of this expansion? Is it too much? Or are you too excited to care? More info to come on this epic update ASAP.

And for now, happy tapping! A-hoo-hoo-heh-heh-heh!!!!


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