Wolfcastle’s Mansion

As part of the Level 31 update comes the Wolfcastle Mansion, Home to Springfields answer to good ol’ Arnie.

The quest is started by Mayor Quimby who prompts the build to bring more celebrities to the town. Costing an initial price of $343,500 its a steep price, but maybe EA have cottoned on to the fact that, by now, a lot of players at the top end of their game have a lot of spare cash lying around, it’s all to make the game that little bit more challenging. Once the 36 hour build time is up you get a building that, by the looks of things, will be very fun to decorate (I’m going with something similar to Burns Manor) and also earns $135 + 15XP as a base rate every 8 hours through the task “Hiding Affairs”. You also get Wolfcastle (as stated); His Tasks are as follows;

- Appear on Talkshow – 1 hr – $70 + 17XP – Requres: Channel 6 News

- Exercise – 4 hrs – $175 + 45XP

- Pose – 8 hrs – $275 + 70XP

- Shoot Action Footage – 12 hrs – $420 + 100XP – Requires: Channel 6 News

- Relax at His Mansion – 24 hrs – $600 + 150XP – Requires: Wolfcastle’s Mansion

- Go in For a Closer Inspection at his Laces – 1 d 12 hrs – $750 + 200XP (The animation on this one is hilarious, just like in the series, I was so glad EA included this in his tasks as it is one of my favourite episodes. Take a look at this link to see why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca0Q7NyL-8o)



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