Come One, Come All!

Welcome to my blog, here I will a provide as many hints, tips and tricks as I can muster as well as attempt to compile a complete list of every building item in the game with perks, earnings, cost, and placement ideas. I will attempt to try and answer any questions you guys have about the game and how to get the most out of your simpsons village – feel free to email me at with any questions you might have to do with the game and I will post the answers on here.

just use the menu on the left hand side of the screen for navigation between pages and posts or click subscribe to receive emails when new posts are put up.

So browse away and feel free to share any and all your thoughts on the game :) anything that is not on the site that you require information on please comment on a relavant page or email me @ :) – FAQ’s tend to all your questions that have already been answered :)

If you wish to make a donation to the development of this site, click the button below :) – all proceeds go towards improving the site itself, I take none for myself :)

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Happy Tapping!

31 responses to “Come One, Come All!

  1. Nice content on thesimpsonstappedouthelp! If I may ask, how long did you spend writing this blog? Also, please check my blog on vehicle history report too :)

  2. Looks good, great info and “product reviews”, and thank you for all the hard work!

    My Origin ign is is RoSantacruz if you want to add me.

    *Liked and Followed

  3. Everyone that knows Mr T and will be really upset to know that the sites been hacked!! Tips has always refused hacks, mods and shady deals so the new post is clearly fake. So are the comments which really angers me! Taking advantige of mr T and loyal followers like that %#$@* No tips-moderator would have put ’em through! I am seeing red and wanted to let you all know. I am part of a different Site but still love mr T.. Mike S and Mickus have been emailed but with the timezones.. Can somebody contact Werdna and mrfy? Spread the word and share your rage!

    • I agree, this post does look to be fake, I have sent emails to all the contacts I have to do with the site and heard nothing back as of yet. let me know if anything happens Em, this isn’t good news for a potential hack site to be logging in to other peoples games…

      anyone on here who follows the blog, show your support to EA, TSTOtips and the tapped out community and DO NOT click the link on this new post. it isn’t worth your hard earned tapping and it clearly is NOT legitimate


  4. The site has not been hacked. Tony, aka TSTOtips sold to Gamezino, a known scammer, for reasons unknown thus far.

  5. hi just found your site after the downfall of tips, I think we all been scrambling for info. I didn’t realize just how much I was depending on tips alone for my tapped out needs. but since the takeover of tips last week I found several very helpful sites including yours. love how your blog is set up,lots of great information and easy to navigate. I will definitely be a regular reader. happy tapping

  6. I am having major problem,some one was in spent my money
    change my town a lilttle,i know this is
    Possable couse i signed in and i went to someone elses town ,2nd my game wont update for level 36,,PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

    • Unless you have given your password out this shouldn’t have happened, my advice would be to delete the app, then reinstall it and change your password before you log back in, this should solve both issues

      • Ok i did what u said ,reinstalled ,it showed that it updated ,but when i open my town . The exp. bar is still pink w/ the present still thare. I have done it twice

  7. Ok i did what u said ,reinstalled ,it showed that it updated ,but when i open my town . The exp. bar is still pink w/ the present still thare. I have done it twice

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